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Corn Meal Mush
3 cups water 
1 cup corn meal (yellow or white)
1 teaspoon salt 

Bring three cups water (salt added) to boil in large sauce pan with good cover. 

Stir corn meal into one cup of tap water.

Slowly stir corn meal/water mixture into boiling water. Use long spoon because as the cornmeal thickens it needs to be stirred almost constantly and it will pop up and burn your hands and fingers. It is a good idea to wear a glove and have shirt sleeve rolled down on stirring hand. The hot cornmeal mixture can burn your hands badly.

When mixture starts to thicken, turn heat down to a slow bubble and cover pan for about five minutes stirring occasionally. Pour mush into a narrow container (even individual paper cups that will handle hot items). 

Final Preparation
Slice mush ¼ to ½ inch thick, roll in flour and fry to golden brown on both sides in non-stick skillet with light coating of olive oil or bacon fryings. 

A good companion for bacon and eggs, but it will stand alone (like pancakes) with maple syrup or any other sweet syrup. 

A Tip or Two: 
Pour mush into as many containers as you like . . . I like to put it in small paper cups an place it aside to cool. Then refrigerate. Mush can be shaken out of cups, sliced about ¼ inch thick and fried in butter, olive oil, bacon fryings or any oil until brown on both sides. . . . You can give mush cakes added zip by dipping them in a mixture of egg and milk (50-50), rolling them in a mix of finely-ground crackers and flour, then browning them in olive oil or bacon fryings. Serve them hot with butter and your favorite pancake syrup, sorghum molasses (black strap), or honey. 


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